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Encoder Schemas

Updated: August 12, 2014

Topics in this section discuss a few Media Services Encoder XML schemas: Input Metadata, Output Metadata, and Presets.

In Media Services, an Asset contains digital files (including video, audio, images, thumbnail collections, text tracks and closed caption files) and the metadata about these files. After digital files are uploaded into an asset, they could be used in the Media Services encoding and streaming workflows. When you encode an asset, an output asset is produced upon completion of the encoding job. Among other files, the output asset contains XML metadata files that describe the input asset and the output asset.  These XML files conform to schemas described in the Input Metadata and Output Metadata topics.

Media Services defines a set of encoding presets you can use when creating encoding jobs. You can either use one of the preset names described in the Task Presets for Media Services Encoder topic. Or, you can create your own XML-based presets (using UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding) that are based on pre-defined presets. The schema to which your preset XML must conform is described in the Presets section.

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