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Track your test results

Visual Studio 2013

The results of your manual tests are an important indicator of how well the development work is going, and you should analyze and monitor them regularly. There are two outputs of a test plan: the pass/fail test results; and the bugs that you create whenever a test fails.

If you haven’t yet tested your app with the help of Visual Studio ALM, take a look at Plan Manual Tests using Team Web Access and Running Manual Tests using Team Web Access.

If your TFS installation includes report services, you can view the Test Plan Progress chart, which shows how many of this sprint’s tests have passed or failed. Open http://<your Team Foundation Server>/Reports and navigate to TfsReports > DefaultCollection > your project > Tests. Alternatively, in Visual Studio, in Team Explorer, open Reports.

Test progress report

To see charts of recent test runs, use Microsoft Test Manager. You can open it on any machine on which Visual Studio Test Professional or Visual Studio Ultimate has been installed. Connect it to your team project and test plan, and choose Testing Center.

To get a list of recent test runs, choose Test, Analyze Test Runs. Each item on the list is a run, which might have included a suite of test cases:

Analyze test runs

Microsoft Test Manager supports a process in which you review the test results after the tests are concluded. Any run that includes failed tests is flagged Needs investigation. If you open the test run details, you can add remarks, assign a reason for failure, create bugs or other work items, and change the flag to Completed:

Set failure type

You can change the reason for failure types, if required by your testing process.

To see a summary of the test results, choose Plan, Results. View the results by suite to see whether each user story has passed its tests:

Set failure type

When you create a bug from the test runner, it is automatically linked to the test case that you were running. To look up all the bugs that were created from your test cases, open Microsoft Test Manager and choose Test, Verify Bugs:

Track the progress of bugs you created.

To re-run the test of a bug that has been fixed, choose Verify.

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Automate your Tests

Collect More Diagnostic Data in Manual Tests -o

Test Case Readiness Report

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