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Animation and transition properties

The following is a list of CSS properties that you can animate using animations and transitions.

CSS propertyScripting property
background backgroundProperty
background-color backgroundColor
background-image backgroundImage
background-position backgroundPosition
border border
border-bottom borderBottom
border-bottom-color borderBottomColor
border-bottom-left-radius borderBottomLeftRadius
border-bottom-right-radius borderBottomRigthRadius
border-bottom-width borderBottomWidth
border-color borderColor
border-left borderLeft
border-left-color borderLeftColor
border-left-width borderLeftWidth
border-radius borderRadius
border-right borderRight
border-right-color borderRightColor
border-right-width borderRightWidth
border-spacing borderSpacing
border-top borderTop
border-top-color borderTopColor
border-top-left-radius borderTopLeftRadius
border-top-right-radius borderTopRightRadius
border-top-width borderTopWidth
border-width borderWidth
-ms-background-position-x backgroundPositionX
-ms-background-position-y backgroundPositionY
bottom bottom
box-shadow boxShadow
clip clip
color color
font font
font-size fontSize
font-weight fontWeight
height height
left left
letter-spacing letterSpacing
line-height lineHeight
margin margin
margin-bottom marginBottom
margin-left marginLeft
margin-right marginRight
margin-top marginTop
max-height maxHeight
max-width maxWidth
min-height minHeight
min-width minWidth
opacity opacity
outline outline
outline-color outlineColor
outline-width outlineWidth
padding padding
padding-bottom paddingBottom
padding-left paddingLeft
padding-right paddingRight
padding-top paddingTop
perspective perspective
perspective-origin perspectiveOrigin
right right
text-indent textIndent
text-shadow textShadow
top top
transform transform
transform-origin transformOrigin
vertical-align verticalAlign
visibility visibility
width width
word-spacing wordSpacing
z-index zIndex
-ms-zoom zoom


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