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Troubleshooting and Monitoring for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines

Updated: December 2, 2014

To monitor and troubleshoot SQL Server performance in Azure Virtual Machines, use the following tools:

  • Windows tools: SQLIO, Perfmon counters, Xperf

  • SQL Server tools: Dynamic Management Views, ErrorLog, Profiler, Dreplay

  • Azure tools: Storage Analytics

When using any tools to collect information on the data drives, consider using the temporary storage disk (D) for storing transient information to avoid any additional storage transactions.

The table below contains links to useful topics to help you troubleshoot and monitor SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines.


Topic Description

Troubleshooting Concepts (Database Engine)

Contains links to troubleshooting common SQL Server errors.

Data Collection

Describes how to monitor system capacity and troubleshoot system performance, and compare historical baselines.


Describes how to monitor SQL Server events, SQL Server performance conditions, and WMI events.

Database Mail

Describes how to send SMTP email notifications on the status of SQL Server.

Monitor and Tune for Performance

Describes how to monitor and tune SQL Server databases for performance.

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