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Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.Interaction Namespace

Provides classes for using the interaction stream.

Public ClassInteractionFrameContains an interaction frame.
Public ClassInteractionFrameReadyEventArgsProvides the event arguments for the InteractionFrameReadyEvent.
Public ClassInteractionHandPointerContains the information for an InteractionHandPointer.
Public ClassInteractionInfoContains information about the current interaction.
Public ClassInteractionStreamProvides access to the InteractionStream. The InteractionStream delivers interaction frames.
Public ClassKinectRuntimeExtensionsProvides a method to extract raw depth pixel data from a depth frame.
Public ClassUserInfoContains information about the user's skeletal ID and the current location of their associated hand pointers.

Public InterfaceIInteractionClientProvides an entry point for a UX client to use the Interaction features.

Public EnumerationInteractionHandEventTypeSpecifies the event type for hand interactions.
Public EnumerationInteractionHandTypeSpecifies which hand type has been identified.

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