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Additional configurations to make after enabling new features

After you update your team project with the Configure Features wizard, you have access to the latest features and process templates. However, you still might want to make some additional configuration changes.

Update a team project to TFS 2013.3

If you have Visual Studio 2013.3 Microsoft Test Manager installed in your environment, you’re done with your updates. To learn about the changes introduced with the updated version of Test Manager or Team Web Access, see Plan Manual Tests.

If you want to customize your test plan or test suite, you can now do that. If you add or change the workflow states for the test plan or test suite type definitions, and you work from a Test Manager client provided with Visual Studio 2013.2 or earlier versions, you must also update the process configuration for the team project as well. Otherwise, you’ll encounter an Application detected an unexpected fault error when you connect to your team project. To resolve this error, see Import and export process configuration [witadmin].

Application fault error message after TFS upgrade

Update a team project from TFS 2012 to TFS 2013

There are no additional required configurations to make after updating from TFS 2012 to TFS 2013.

(Optional) Update the workflow of specific WITs

The following updates are optional but recommended. They bring your team project up to date with the latest workflow settings that are defined in the latest versions of the default process templates.

You might want to update the workflow of specific WITs to support missing transitions, additional reasons, and field assignments. Making this update revises the workflow for the following WITs to the latest version of their process template workflow:

  • Scrum 2.0 to Scrum 2013: Product Backlog Item and Bug.

  • Agile 6.0 to Agile 2013: User Story.

  • CMMI 6.0 to CMMI 2013: Requirement.

For details, see Upgrade your 2012 team project from RTM to Update 2.

If you haven’t customized your work item types or process configuration, you can update the items quickly by using witadmin. Just download the latest version of the process template that is compatible with the one used to create your team project and then import the updated WITs.

Update a team project from TFS 2010 to TFS 2013

If you’ve updated a team project that was created with an MSF v 5.0 Agile process template, then you’ll also want to manually update the user story and task workflow assignments.

If you don't update the workflow, then the task board provides only two states, Active and Closed. This prevents you and your team from distinguishing between tasks that are in progress from those that haven't been started.

Also, you might want to apply the workflow updates to the User Story as described in Upgrade your 2012 team project from RTM to Update 2.

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