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Concurrency Runtime Best Practices

This section describes best practices that can help you make effective use of the Concurrency Runtime. These best practices apply to the Parallel Patterns Library (PPL), the Asynchronous Agents Library, and the Task Scheduler.

Best Practices in the Parallel Patterns Library

Describes the best practices to follow when you use the Parallel Patterns Library (PPL).

Best Practices in the Asynchronous Agents Library

Describes the best practices to follow when you use the Asynchronous Agents Library.

General Best Practices in the Concurrency Runtime

Describes best practices that apply to multiple areas of the Concurrency Runtime.

Concurrency Runtime

Introduces the Concurrency Runtime, a concurrency framework for C++.

Parallel Patterns Library (PPL)

Describes how to use various parallel patterns, for example, parallel algorithms, in your applications.

Asynchronous Agents Library

Describes how to use asynchronous agents in your applications.

Synchronization Data Structures

Describes the various synchronization primitives that the Concurrency Runtime provides.

Task Scheduler (Concurrency Runtime)

Describes how to use the Task Scheduler to adjust the performance of your applications.

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