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WSManPluginSignal entry point

Defines the signal callback for a plug-in. This function is called when an inbound signal is received from a client call.

The DLL entry point name for this method must be WSManPluginSignal.


VOID WINAPI WSManPluginSignal(
  _In_      WSMAN_PLUGIN_REQUEST *requestDetails,
  _In_      DWORD flags,
  _In_      PVOID shellContext,
  _In_opt_  PVOID commandContext,
  _In_      PCWSTR code

    _In_      WSMAN_PLUGIN_REQUEST *requestDetails,
    _In_      DWORD flags,
    _In_      PVOID shellContext,
    _In_opt_  PVOID commandContext,
    _In_      PCWSTR code


requestDetails [in]

A pointer to a WSMAN_PLUGIN_REQUEST structure that specifies the resource URI, options, locale, shutdown flag, and handle for the request.

flags [in]

Reserved for future use. Must be zero.

shellContext [in]

Specifies the context that was received when the shell was created.

commandContext [in, optional]

If this request is aimed at a command and not a shell, this is the context returned from the winrm create operation; otherwise, this parameter is NULL.

code [in]

Specifies the signal that is received from the client. The following codes are common.


The shell or Command Prompt window was closed. The plug-in should call the WSManPluginOperationComplete function.


The signal for CTRL+C was received, and the process was halted. The plug-in should call the WSManPluginOperationComplete function.


The signal for CTRL+BREAK was received, and the process was halted. The plug-in should call the WSManPluginOperationComplete function.


Return value

This entry point does not return a value.


A signal can be received for processing a CTRL+C sequence or one of many other types of custom signals. The callback is called once for each signal that is received. The plug-in determines which signals cause commands and/or shells to be shut down. Because signals are shell-specific, the plug-in must initiate the shutdown by calling the WSManPluginOperationComplete method. For each call, the plug-in should call WSManPluginOperationComplete to acknowledge receipt and to allow the next signal to be received.


Minimum supported client

Windows 7

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 R2


Windows Management Framework on Windows Server 2008 with SP2, Windows Server 2003 with SP2, Windows Vista with SP1, and Windows Vista with SP2





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