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nested_scheduler_missing_detach Class

This class describes an exception that is thrown when the Concurrency Runtime detects that you neglected to call the CurrentScheduler::Detach method on a context that attached to a second scheduler via the Attach method of the Scheduler object.

class nested_scheduler_missing_detach : public std::exception;

Public Constructors



nested_scheduler_missing_detach::nested_scheduler_missing_detach Constructor

Overloaded. Constructs a nested_scheduler_missing_detach object.

This exception is only thrown when you nest one scheduler inside another by calling the Attach method of a Scheduler object on a context that is already owned by or attached to another scheduler. The Concurrency Runtime throws this exception opportunistically when it can detect the scenario as an aid to locating the problem. Not every instance of neglecting to call the CurrentScheduler::Detach method is guaranteed to throw this exception.

Header: concrt.h

Namespace: Concurrency

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