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Memory Tab, Process Properties Dialog Box

Use the Memory tab to show how a process uses memory. To display the Process Properties Dialog Box, move the focus to a Processes View window. Select any process node in the tree, then choose Properties from the View menu.

The following settings are available on the Memory tab:



Virtual Bytes

The current size (in bytes) of the virtual address space the process is using. The use of virtual address space does not necessarily imply corresponding use of either disk or main memory pages. However, virtual space is finite, and using too much may limit the ability of the process to load libraries.

Peak Virtual Bytes

The maximum number of bytes of virtual address space the process has used at any one time.

Working Set

The set of memory pages touched recently by the threads in the process. If free memory in the computer is above a threshold, pages are left in the Working Set of a process even if they are not in use. When free memory falls below a threshold, pages are trimmed from the Working Set. If they are needed, they will be soft-faulted back into the Working Set before they leave main memory.

Peak Working Set

The maximum number of pages in the working set of this process at any point in time.

Paged Pool Bytes

The current amount of paged pool the process has allocated. Paged pool is a system memory area where operating system components acquire space as they accomplish their appointed tasks. Paged pool pages can be paged out to the paging file when not accessed by the system for sustained periods of time.

Nonpaged Pool Bytes

The current number of bytes in the nonpaged pool allocated by the process. The nonpaged pool is a system memory area where space is acquired by operating system components as they accomplish their appointed tasks. Nonpaged pool pages cannot be paged out to the paging file; they remain in main memory as long as they are allocated.

Private Bytes

The current number of bytes this process has allocated that cannot be shared with other processes.

Free Bytes

The total unused virtual address space of this process.

Reserved Bytes

The total amount of virtual memory reserved for future use by this process.

Free Image Bytes

The amount of virtual address space that is not in use or reserved by images within this process.

Reserved Image Bytes

The sum of all virtual memory reserved by images run within this process.

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