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CEnumMediaTypes class

CEnumMediaTypes Class Hierarchy

The CEnumMediaTypes class implements an enumerator for preferred media types.

This class implements the IEnumMediaTypes interface. It calls the following CBasePin methods:

Whenever a pin alters its list of preferred media types, the pin increments the media-type version number. When this happens, the enumerator object is no longer synchronized with the pin, and the class methods return VFW_E_ENUM_OUT_OF_SYNC. Call the CEnumMediaTypes::Reset method to resynchronize the enumerator.

Public MethodsDescription
CEnumMediaTypes Constructor method.
~CEnumMediaTypes Destructor method. Virtual.
IEnumMediaTypes Methods Description
Clone Makes a copy of the enumerator with the same enumeration state.
Next Retrieves a specified number of media types.
Reset Resets the enumeration sequence to the beginning.
Skip Skips over a specified number of media types.




Amfilter.h (include Streams.h)


Strmbase.lib (retail builds);
Strmbasd.lib (debug builds)



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