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Web Services

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

The following sections provide an overview of the documentation for web services in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Services

This section provides overview material and information that is relevant to both SOAP and OData web services.

To See

Compare the features and constraints of SOAP and OData web services.

Web Service Alternatives: SOAP and OData

Create and publish a web service.

How to: Publish a Web Service

Avoid issues that may occur when Microsoft Dynamics NAV pages expect user interaction.

Handling UI Interaction When Working with Web Services

Coordinate web service applications across multiple time zones.

Managing Time Zones with Web Services

Avoid data loss that can be caused by out-of-date proxies.

Preserving Data When Working with a Statically Generated Proxy

Implement policies to make your web services easier to understand and maintain.

Web Services Best Practices

SOAP Web Services

The topics in this section describe how to create and maintain SOAP web services.

To See

Review the different options for creating URIs to interact with SOAP web services.

SOAP Web Service URIs

Review the operations that are available when a page is exposed as a web service.

Basic Page Operations

Learn how to write code that provides a list of existing companies in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.

How to: Use SystemService to Find Companies

Ensure that field values are actually updated from web services.

Using Properties with Visual Studio to Indicate the Presence of a Value in a Field

OData Web Services

The topics in this section describe how to create and maintain OData web services.

To See

Use OData to obtain an AtomPub document.

How to: Use OData to Return/Obtain an AtomPub Document

Use OData to obtain a service metadata (EDMX) document.

How to: Use OData to Return/Obtain a Service Metadata (EDMX) Document

Use filter expressions in OData URIs.

Using Filter Expressions in OData URIs

Use FlowFilters in OData URIs.

Using FlowFilters in OData URIs

Use server-driven paging in OData URIs.

Server-Driven Paging in OData Web Services

Web Services Walkthroughs

The topics in this section demonstrate how to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services.

To See

Create an extension codeunit for an existing page, expose the page, and then write code that calls the page.

Walkthrough: Creating a Web Service using Extension Codeunits (SOAP)

Create and consume a page as a SOAP web service.

Walkthrough: Registering and Using a Page Web Service (SOAP)

Create and consume a page as an OData web service.

Walkthrough: Creating and Interacting with a Page Web Service (OData)

View and analyze Microsoft Dynamics NAV page data in Microsoft Excel using Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel, which is a data analysis add-in.

Walkthrough: Viewing Page Data in Excel Using PowerPivot (OData)

Make web service communication more secure.

Walkthrough: Configuring Web Services to Use SSL (SOAP and OData)

Combine data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 with data from Windows Azure Marketplace.

Walkthrough: Combining Data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Queries and Pages with Data from Azure DataMarket (OData)

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