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Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

Passes a URL as an argument to an Internet browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.




Type: Text

A URL that is passed to the default Internet browser as an argument.

C/SIDE does not check the syntax or validity of the URL that is passed on to the browser. You can even pass an empty string (this will usually start the browser and load the URL that the user has defined as the home page.)

C/SIDE determines the default Internet browser based on the setting in the system registry. If the browser is already running, this instance will be reused.

The HYPERLINK function works with a number of protocols and file types. These protocols and file types are listed in the .stx file. This means that different versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can use different protocols and file types.

The following list shows the approved protocols and file types for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 standard version:

  • Protocols

    • Navision (opens the Classic client)

    • DynamicsNAV (opens the RoleTailored client)

    • http

    • https

  • File Types

    • bmp

    • doc

    • docx

    • dot

    • htm

    • html

    • mhtml

    • mht

    • fig

    • gif

    • ini

    • jpg

    • mdb

    • mov

    • mpeg

    • mpg

    • pub

    • pdf

    • ppt

    • pps

    • rtf

    • sys

    • txt

    • url

    • wri

    • wpd

    • wps

    • xls

    • xlsx

    • xsn

    • xml

    • zip

    • fdf

    • aspx

    • chm

    • vsd

    • mpp

    • wmv

    • wma

    • msg

    • tif

    • png

The HYPERLINK function does not work on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server.

To create a command button that starts the default Internet browser and directs it to the Microsoft site on the World Wide Web, you could add the code in the following example to the OnPush Trigger of the command button.


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