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Enabled Property

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009

Sets a value that indicates whether a field or key is activated or deactivated, or whether a control can respond to user-generated events.

  • Check boxes

  • Command buttons

  • Fields

  • Forms

  • Frames

  • Indicators

  • Keys

  • Matrix boxes

  • Menu buttons

  • Menu items

  • Option buttons

  • Pages

  • Picture boxes

  • Subforms

  • Tab controls

  • Table boxes

  • Text boxes

Yes if the field, key, or control is enabled; otherwise, No. The default value is Yes.

For keys, this property determines whether a key is maintained in the database. If you are not using the key or if you seldom use the key, you may want to mark it as disabled for performance reasons. When you need to use the key you can change this setting.

For fields, this property determines whether you can store data in the field. If the field is unused, disable it to conserve database space. In a dataport, a disabled field is read from the external file on import, but it is not inserted in the database.

For controls, the Enabled setting for the container that contains this control overrides what is entered here.

Menu items, buttons, and labels for text boxes are automatically grayed when they are disabled.

For controls, this property can be set dynamically by using the EDITABLE Function (Control, Form).

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