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NodeType Property

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Sets the value to specify whether an XML object is an element or an attribute.

The possible values are as follows: Element and Attribute. The default value is Undefined. In an XML document, you can use the Element node to represent a record and the Attribute node to represent the fields in the record. For example, the following code defines a table with one record and the record contains two fields: <Record> <Field1>123</Field><Field2>456</Field2> </Record>

Value Description


Describes the data that it contains. The data could be record. For example, <Record> “Data 1” </Record> could represent an element that contains 1 record.


An attribute could represent a field in the record. For example, the <Record></Record> Element could contain two fields, as shown in the code example. An attribute cannot contain other elements.

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