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Expand All R_WinsSetFlags (Opnum 16)

The R_WinsSetFlags method always returns ERROR_SUCCESS.

DWORD R_WinsSetFlags(
  [in] handle_t ServerHdl,
  [in] DWORD fFlags

ServerHdl: An RPC binding over IP address/HostName to the WINS server. RPC uses this binding internally to determine which WINS server the call is directed to.

fFlags: This field MUST be ignored.

Return Values: A 32-bit unsigned integer value that indicates the return status. A return value of ERROR_SUCCESS (0x00000000) indicates that the operation completed successfully.

Return value/code Description


The call was successful.

Exceptions Thrown: No exceptions are thrown.

Processing and Response Requirements:

Clients with any access level can call this method.

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