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5.69 GetFilteredAttributeSet

procedure GetFilteredAttributeSet() : sequence of ATTRTYP

Informative summary of behavior: The GetFilteredAttributeSet procedure returns a sequence of ATTRTYP that represents the list of attributes that may not be present on a filtered NC replica

filteredAttrSet: sequence of ATTRTYP
filteredAttrSetObjSeq: sequence of DSName
i: int

filteredAttrSetObjSeq := select o from subtree SchemaNC() where
                      (fRODCFilteredAttribute in o!searchFlags) and
                      (not FLAG_ATTR_REQ_PARTIAL_SET_MEMBER  in 
                         o!systemFlags) and 
                      (not o!systemOnly = true) and
                      (not AttrtypFromSchemaObj(o) in
                        {currentValue, dBCSPwd, unicodePwd,
                         ntPwdHistory, priorValue, 
                         supplementalCredentials, trustAuthIncoming,
                         trustAuthOutgoing, lmPwdHistory, 
                         initialAuthIncoming, initialAuthOutgoing, 
                         msDS-ExecuteScriptPassword, displayName, 
                         codePage, creationTime, lockoutDuration, 
                         lockoutObservationWindow, logonHours, 
                         lockoutThreshold, maxPwdAge, minPwdAge, 
                         minPwdLength, netbiosName, pwdProperties, 
                         pwdHistoryLength, pwdLastSet, 
                         securityIdentifier, trustDirection, 
                         trustPartner, trustPosixOffset, trustType, 
                         rid, domainReplica, accountExpires, 
                         ntMixedDomain, OperatingSystem, 
                         operatingSystemServicePack, fsmoRoleOwner, 
                         trustAttributes, trustParent, flatName, 
                         sidHistory, dnsHostName, lockoutTime, 
                         servicePrincipalName, isCriticalSystemObject,
                         msDS-TrustForestTrustInfo, msDS-SPNSuffixes,
                         msDS-AdditionalDnsHostName, msDS-
                         AdditionalSamAccountName, msDS-
                         AllowedToDelegateTo, msDS-KrbTgtLink, msDS-
                         AuthenticatedAtDC, msDS-
for i := 0 to filteredAttrSetObjSeq.length-1
    AttrtypFromSchemaObj(filteredAttrSetObjSeq [i])

return filteredAttrSet
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