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The REPLENTINFLIST structure defines a concrete type for updates to one or more attributes of a given object.

typedef struct REPLENTINFLIST {
  struct REPLENTINFLIST* pNextEntInf;
  ENTINF Entinf;
  BOOL fIsNCPrefix;
  UUID* pParentGuid;

pNextEntInf: The next REPLENTINFLIST in the sequence, or null.

Entinf: The object and its updated attributes.

fIsNCPrefix: TRUE only if the object is an NC root.

pParentGuid: The value of the objectGUID attribute of the parent of the object, or null if not known or not specified.

pMetaDataExt: The stamps for the attributes specified in Entinf.AttrBlock. Entinf.AttrBlock and pMetaDataExt.rgMetaData are parallel arrays. For a given integer i in [0 .. Entinf.AttrBlock.attrCount], the stamp for the attribute described by Entinf.AttrBlock.pAttr^[i] is pMetaDataExt^.rgMetaData[i].

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