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Working with the Report Data Pane (Report Builder 2.0)

SQL Server 2008

From the Report Builder 2.0 Report Data pane, you can quickly get started organizing report resources and designing your reports. For example, you can add data sources, datasets, calculated fields, report parameters, and images to the Report Data pane. Simply drag these items to the design surface when needed.

In addition, you can add Report Builder's built-in fields to the design surface and configure the fields. When rendered, these fields provide helpful information about the report, such as the report name, the total number of pages in the report and the current page number.


You can use the New button to add a new item to the Report Data pane. You can add multiple datasets from the same data source or from other data sources to the report. To add a new dataset from the same data source, right-click a data source, and then click Add Dataset.


To add a calculated field, right-click a dataset, and then click Add Calculated Field.

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