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Contact Sensors

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Contact Sensors

Contact Sensors

The Generic Contact Sensors service supports operations on sensors that have a pressed and unpressed state, such as bumpers or push-buttons.

The Generic Contact Sensors service provides the following operations:

GetReturns the current state of the sensor service.
ContactSensorsReplaceChanges the state of a set of contact sensors or indicates when the sensors' state has changed.
ContactSensorUpdateUpdates or notifies an update to a contact sensor.

ContactSensorsReplace returns the set (list) of contact sensors. ContactSensorUpdate provides the state of an individual sensor.

HardwareIdentifierintThe hardware port that the sensor uses.
NamestringA descriptive identifier for the sensor.
PosePoseThe position and orientation of the sensor.
PressedBooleanIndicates if the sensor is pressed (true) or not (false).
TimeStampDateTimeThe timestamp of the sensor reading.

Updated information might be available online in the MSDN Library page:
Contact Sensors

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