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Mouse Pointer Constant Changes in Visual Basic .NET

The following table shows the Visual Basic 6.0 Mouse Pointer constants and values and their Visual Basic .NET equivalents.

Visual Basic 6.0Visual Basic .NET Equivalent
VbDefault (0)Windows.Forms.Cursors.Default
VbArrow (1)Windows.Forms.Cursors.Arrow
VbCrosshair (2)Windows.Forms.Cursors.Cross
VbIbeam (3)Windows.Forms.Cursors.IBeam
VbIconPointer (4)Obsolete — replaced by System.Windows.Forms.Cursors.Default
VbSizePointer (5)Windows.Forms.Cursors.SizeAll
VbSizeNESW (6)Windows.Forms.Cursors.SizeNESW
VbSizeNS (7)Windows.Forms.Cursors.SizeNS
VbSizeNWSE (8)Windows.Forms.Cursors.SizeNWSE
VbSizeWE (9)Windows.Forms.Cursors.SizeWE
VbUpArrow (10)Windows.Forms.Cursors.UpArrow
VbHourglass (11)Windows.Forms.Cursors.WaitCursor
VbNoDrop (12)System.Drawing.Cursurs.NoDrop
VbArrowHourglass (13)Windows.Forms.Cursors.AppStarting
VbArrowQuestion (14)Windows.Forms.Cursors.Help
VbSizeAll (15)Windows.Forms.Cursors.SizeAll
VbCustom (99)No equivalent — for details, see Cannot set a custom MousePointer

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