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SearchOptions Class

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN. It is available as a CHM or PDF download. For the newest Geocoding, Imagery, Routing and Traffic services, see the Bing Maps REST Services

Contains properties used to refine a search service request.

public class SearchOptions

Name Description


Initializes a new instance of a SearchOptions object.

Name Description


A bool indicating if the spelling of words in the search query should be corrected. Optional. The default value is true.


An int specifying the number of search results to return. Optional. The default value is 10.


A FilterExpressionBase Class array specifying how to filter the search results that are returned. Optional.


A ListingType Enumeration value identifying the listing type to search. Optional. The default value is ListingType.Business.


A bool indicating if the search query should only be parsed. Optional. The default is false, in which case search results are returned as well.


A double specifying the radius in DistanceUnits of the circle in which to search. The radius is measured from the center point of the search region returned. Optional. The default value may vary depending on the size of the search region.


A SortOrder Enumeration value specifying how to sort the search results. Optional. The default value is SortOrder.Relevance.


An int specifying the zero-based array index of the first result to return. Optional. The default value is 0.

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