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IOpenServiceActivity Interface

Exposes details of and methods used to invoke an OpenService Accelerator.

IOpenServiceActivity Members

CanExecute Determines whether the Accelerator can be executed.
CanExecuteType Determines whether the Accelerator can act on the specified content type.
CanPreview Determines whether the Accelerator can be previewed.
CanPreviewType Determines whether the Accelerator can preview the specified content type.
Execute Executes the Accelerator.
GetCategoryName Retrieves the Accelerator category or verb.
GetDescription Retrieves the description of the Accelerator.
GetDescriptionFilePath Retrieves the local path of the XML-based Accelerator description file.
GetDisplayName Retrieves the display name of the Accelerator.
GetDownloadUrl Retrieves the URL from which the Accelerator was downloaded.
GetHomepageUrl Retrieves the home-page URL for the Accelerator.
GetIcon Retrieves a handle to the icon.
GetIconPath Retrieves the local-system path of the Accelerator icon file.
GetInstallUrl Retrieves the URL from which the Accelerator was installed.
GetStatusText Retrieves the status text for the Accelerator.
IsEnabled Determines whether the Accelerator is enabled.
Preview Previews the Accelerator.
SetEnabled Enables or disables the Accelerator.


IOpenServiceActivity inherits from the IOpenService interface. In many cases, you can use QueryInterface to determine if the object supports IOpenServiceActivity, which provides additional details about the service.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation ieframe.dll
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IOpenService
Header and IDL files openservice.h, openservice.idl
Minimum availability Internet Explorer 8
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP2

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