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Returns the pane that contains the given point.

CBasePane* PaneFromPoint(
   CPoint point,
   int nSensitivity,
   bool bExactBar,
   CRuntimeClass* pRTCBarType
) const;
CBasePane* PaneFromPoint(
   CPoint point,
   int nSensitivity,
   DWORD& dwAlignment,
   CRuntimeClass* pRTCBarType
) const;
[in] point

Specifies the point, in screen coordinates, to check.

[in] nSensitivity

Increase the search area by this amount. A pane satisfies the search criteria if the given point falls in the increased area.

[in] bExactBar

TRUE to ignore the nSensitivity parameter; otherwise, FALSE.

[in] pRTCBarType

If not NULL, the method searches only panes of the specified type.

[in] dwAlignment

If a pane is found at the specified point, this parameter contains the side of the pane that was closest to the specified point. For more information, see the Remarks section.

A pointer to the CBasePane-derived object that contains the given point, or NULL if no pane was found.

Call this method to determine whether a pane contains the specified point according to the specified conditions such as runtime class and visibility.

When the function returns and a pane was found, dwAlignment contains the alignment of the specified point. For example, if the point was closest to the top of the pane, dwAlignment is set to CBRS_ALIGN_TOP.

Header: afxmdichildwndex.h

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