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SideShow (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
Windows CE 5.0 SupportedWindows Embedded NavReady 2009 Supported

With SideShow for Windows Embedded CE, developers can display gadgets from a Windows Vista computer on a Windows Embedded CE powered device connected to that computer.

The SideShow service on Windows Embedded CE initiates a connection with a Windows Vista powered computer via IP, USB, or Bluetooth. When the connection succeeds, the cache on the device is populated with SideShow gadget data. This is only performed for the gadgets that the Windows Vista user has turned on in the SideShow control panel.

Windows SideShow for Windows CE 5.0 is a separate installed product. It must be downloaded and installed in order to be added to an existing installation of Windows CE 5.0.

SideShow Architecture

Provides information about the architecture of SideShow in Windows Embedded CE.

SideShow OS Design Development

Provides information about developing an operating-system (OS) design that provides support for SideShow in Windows Embedded CE.

SideShow Security

Provides information about security for SideShow in Windows Embedded CE.

SideShow Registry Settings

Describes the registry settings used by SideShow.

Low Memory Conditions in SideShow

Explains how a SideShow viewer application should respond to the WM_HIBERNATE message.

SideShow Reference

Describes the programming elements that you use to implement SideShow.

SideShow Console Sample

Describes how to use the SideShow console sample application.

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