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Managing Firmware Image Files

To deploy an image file containing your firmware to your device, you must first create the image in Motorola SREC (.hex) format containing the .NET Micro Framework or libraries that your application needs. You can obtain firmware image files from Microsoft, from your own internal porting team, or from your hardware platform vendor. You can install multiple image files on a device.

Choosing an Image File

The names of image files you have recently deployed to a device appear in the drop-down list in the Image File panel in MFDeploy for quick access. If you are deploying the image file for the first time, use the Browse button to navigate to it.

Copying an Image File to Your Device

After selecting an image file, deploy it to the device by clicking the Deploy button.

It is possible to copy multiple image files to a device by selecting multiple file names. If you do, the file names appear in the Image File box separated by semicolons. Click the Deploy button when you are ready for the image files to be copied to the device.

Clearing the Image File List

MFDeploy keeps a list of firmware image files that you have deployed to your device and displays that list in the Image File pull-down list. You can erase the contents of the list by selecting Options from the main menu and then choosing Clear Image File List. Clearing the list does not erase the image files.

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