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Specifies the path to a TrueType font to use for building a .tinyfnt font.

AddFontToProcess path


The fully qualified path to a TrueType font file. The path should be enclosed in quotes if it contains spaces. If path is quoted, backslashes in path must be escaped.

TFConvert attempts to match the font characteristics specified in the SelectFont option to the font named in path, as well as to any fonts installed on the system. The .tinyfnt file will be generated from the first match found, but it is not guaranteed that the path argument will be searched first.

AddFontToProcess C:\Windows\Fonts\Miramo.ttf
AddFontToProcess "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\\v2.0.3036\\Tools\\Fonts\\TrueType\\Miramo.ttf"

Available in .NET Micro Framework version 2.0


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