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The WKSTA_TRANSPORT_INFO_0 structure contains information about the network transport protocol that the SMBnetwork redirector uses.

typedef struct _WKSTA_TRANSPORT_INFO_0 {
  unsigned long wkti0_quality_of_service;
  unsigned long wkti0_number_of_vcs;
  [string] wchar_t* wkti0_transport_name;
  [string] wchar_t* wkti0_transport_address;
  unsigned long wkti0_wan_ish;

wkti0_quality_of_service: Unused. Can be set to any value when sent and MUST be ignored on receipt.

wkti0_number_of_vcs: MUST be the current number of remote connections using this transport protocol.

wkti0_transport_name: MUST be the null-terminated, implementation-specific<5> name of the device that implements the transport protocol.

wkti0_transport_address: MUST be the null-terminated, implementation-specific<6> string that represents the address of the transport protocol.

wkti0_wan_ish: MUST specify whether the transport protocol is a routable protocol. If set to TRUE, this is a routable protocol. If set to FALSE, this is not a routable protocol.

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