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Expand All Connecting to the Share

To connect to a share, the client MUST follow the steps outlined below.

The client MUST construct an SMB2 TREE_CONNECT Request using the syntax specified in section 2.2.9. The SMB2 header MUST be initialized as follows:

  • The Command field is set to SMB2 TREE_CONNECT.

  • The MessageId field is set as specified in section

  • The SessionId field is set to Session.SessionId of the session that was identified in section or established as a result of processing section

The SMB2 TREE_CONNECT Request MUST be initialized as follows:

  • The target share path, including server name, in the format "\\server\share", is copied into the Buffer field of the request. PathOffset and PathLength MUST be set to describe the location and length of the target share path in the request.

This request MUST be sent to the server. The response from the server MUST be processed as described in section

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