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The PRINTER_INFO_1 structure provides information about a printer.

typedef struct _PRINTER_INFO_1 {
  DWORD Flags;
  [string] wchar_t* pDescription;
  [string] wchar_t* pName;
  [string] wchar_t* pComment;

Flags: The value of this member MUST be the result of a bitwise OR of zero or more of the Printer Enumeration Flags (section

If the PRINTER_INFO_1 structure is used in a PRINTER_CONTAINER (section as input to RpcAddPrinter (section or RpcAddPrinterEx (section, Flags MUST be a bitwise OR of zero or more of the PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE values defined in Status and Attribute Values (section

pName: This member is synonymous with pPrinterName, as specified in section

All members not defined in this section are specified in sections and

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