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The response fragment number is compared to the Receive Fragment Base. If the fragment number is less than the Receive Fragment Base, then the fragment MUST be discarded. If the fragment number is greater than or equal to the Receive Fragment Base, then the fragment is added to the Received Fragment List, and a FACK MUST be sent unless the packet's Header.Flags.Nofack flag is set. If the Call State is STATE_SEND_FRAGS or STATE_DISPATCHED, the Call State MUST change to STATE_RECEIVE_FRAGS. If the fragment number indicates that all inbound fragments are received, RPC MUST deliver the data to the client application, and the call MUST set Call State to STATE_ACK_PENDING if there is no next queued call in the activity's List of Active Calls. If there is a next queued call, the call's Call State is set to STATE_COMPLETE.

All fragments related to a packet are removed from the Received Fragment List when a full packet can be formed.

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