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The _PERF_COUNTER_IDENTIFIER structure is used to identify performance counters when adding or removing counters from a query or when enumerating performance counter metadata on the server.

  GUID CounterSetGuid;
  unsigned long Status;
  unsigned long Size;
  unsigned long CounterId;
  unsigned long InstanceId;
  unsigned long Index;
  unsigned long Reserved;

CounterSetGuid: The GUID of the counterset.

Status: A Win32 error code that indicates whether the operation was successful. Win32 error codes are specified in [MS-ERREF].

Size: The total size, in bytes, of the structure and the instance name. The structure is followed by the instance name, represented as a Unicode string.

CounterId: The numeric identifier of the counter.

InstanceId: The instance identifier of the counterset.

Index: The position in which the corresponding counter data is returned from a PerflibV2QueryCounterData (section method call. For more information, see PerflibV2QueryCounterInfo (section

Reserved: Clients MUST set this field to 0 and MUST ignore this field on receipt.

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