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Expand All Request to Change Currently Selected Streams

This event occurs when the higher layer wants to change the streams that are currently being streamed. For example, the higher layer may decide to switch from an English-language audio stream to a Spanish-language audio stream, or it may decide to switch to a stream with higher-quality video.

The State variable in the abstract data model MUST have the value STREAMING for this higher-layer triggered event to be possible. If the value of the State variable is not STREAMING when this event occurs, the client MUST treat this as an error.

If the value of the Stream-Switch-Sent variable is 1, the client SHOULD treat the event as an error.

The client MUST fill in the fields of the LinkViewerToMacStreamSwitch (section message.

The aStreamEntries field of the LinkViewerToMacStreamSwitch (section message MUST specify the streams that are affected by the change that is requested by the higher layer. Streams that are unaffected SHOULD NOT be specified in the aStreamEntries field.

The message MUST be sent by following the rules specified in section

After sending the LinkViewerToMacStreamSwitch (section message, the client MUST wait for the LinkMacToViewerReportStreamSwitch (section message to be received. How to process this message is specified in section

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