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Expand All LsarOpenPolicy (Opnum 6)

The LsarOpenPolicy method is exactly the same as LsarOpenPolicy2, except that the SystemName parameter in this method contains only one character instead of a full string. This is because its syntactical definition lacks the [string] RPC annotation present in LsarOpenPolicy2, as specified in [C706]. RPC data types are specified in [MS-RPCE] section

The SystemName parameter has no effect on message processing in any environment. It MUST be ignored.

NTSTATUS LsarOpenPolicy(
  [in, unique] wchar_t* SystemName,
  [in] PLSAPR_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES ObjectAttributes,
  [in] ACCESS_MASK DesiredAccess,
  [out] LSAPR_HANDLE* PolicyHandle

Processing rules for this message are defined in [MS-LSAD] section

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