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1 Introduction

This is a specification of the Enhanced Metafile Format Plus Extensions (EMF+) structure. The EMF+ structure specifies a metafile format that can store a picture in device-independent form. The stored picture can be rendered by parsing and processing the metafile.

An EMF+ metafile is a series of variable-length records, called EMF+ records, that contain graphics drawing commands, object definitions, and properties. The metafile begins with a header record, which includes the metafile version, its size, the resolution of the device on which the picture was created, and the dimensions of the picture. An EMF+ metafile is "played back" when its records are converted to a format understood by a specific graphics device. An image defined in an EMF+ structure maintains its dimensions, shape, and proportions on any output device, including printers, plotters, and desktops, or in the client areas of applications.

Sections 1.7 and 2 of this specification are normative and can contain the terms MAY, SHOULD, MUST, MUST NOT, and SHOULD NOT as defined in RFC 2119. All other sections and examples in this specification are informative.

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