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4.1.22 IDL_DRSReplicaModify (Opnum 7)

The IDL_DRSReplicaModify method updates the value for repsFrom for the NC replica.

ULONG IDL_DRSReplicaModify(
  [in, ref] DRS_HANDLE hDrs,
  [in] DWORD dwVersion,
  [in, ref, switch_is(dwVersion)] 
    DRS_MSG_REPMOD* pmsgMod

hDrs: The RPC context handle returned by IDL_DRSBind.

dwVersion: The version of the request message.

pmsgMod: A pointer to the request message.

Return Values: 0 if successful, or a Windows error code if a failure occurs.

Exceptions Thrown: This method might throw the following exceptions beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol (as specified in [MS-RPCE]): ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, ERROR_DS_DRS_EXTENSIONS_CHANGED, ERROR_DS_DIFFERENT_REPL_EPOCHS, and ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.

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