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6 Appendix A: Full IDL

For ease of implementation, the full Interface Definition Language (IDL) is provided as follows, where "ms-rpce.idl" is the IDL found in [MS-DTYP], Appendix A.

import "ms-dtyp.idl";

typedef signed long SequenceNumber;

typedef struct CObjId {
    GUID    _object;
} CObjId;

typedef struct CVolumeId {
    GUID _volume;
} CVolumeId;

typedef struct CMachineId {
    char _szMachine[ 16 ];
} CMachineId;

typedef struct CDomainRelativeObjId {
    CVolumeId _volume;
    CObjId _object;
} CDomainRelativeObjId;


interface trkwks {

// Local only
void Opnum0NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum1NotUsedOnWire(void);

// Local only
void Opnum2NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum3NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum4NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum5NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum6NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum7NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum8NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum9NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum10NotUsedOnWire(void); 

// Local only
void Opnum11NotUsedOnWire(void); 

HRESULT LnkSearchMachine (
    [in] unsigned long Restrictions,
    [in] const CDomainRelativeObjId*  pdroidBirthLast,
    [in] const CDomainRelativeObjId*  pdroidLast,
    [out] CDomainRelativeObjId*       pdroidBirthNext,
    [out] CDomainRelativeObjId*       pdroidNext,
    [out] CMachineId*                 pmcidNext,
    [out, max_is(261), string] WCHAR* ptszPath 
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