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1.5.3 DC or DFS Root Target Server

To permit the DFS targets in the referral response to be ordered on the basis of site cost between the client site and a DFS target site, a server joined to a domain is required to determine the site cost of a client from the client's IP address, as specified in [MS-NRPC] section If the server intends to support DFS referral site costing, it is required to have the ability to perform the site cost queries between the client and the DFS targets, as specified in as specified in [MS-DRSR] section 4.1.16.

The DFS server uses the DFS metadata of a DFS namespace to process referral requests. For domain-based DFS namespaces, the server is required to access the DFS metadata stored in the object of the DFS namespace. Location and format of the DFS metadata is specified in [MS-DFSNM] section 2.3.

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