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4.2 A Browser Server Wins the First Election Round and the Election

The figure that follows depicts the following election process:

  • A browser server receives a RequestElectionframe and determines that it is winning the election, as compared to the sender of the RequestElection (section 2.2.3) frame.

  • The potential master browser server sends out a RequestElection frame that contains its own election version and criteria values.

    The browser server waits for 200 msec, 400 msec, or 800 msec, based on its role in the machine group (as specified in section, and then repeats the RequestElection frame.

  • Because the browser server does not receive any RequestElection frames, it repeats the process another three times.

  • Finally, the browser server declares itself a winner.


Figure 3: A browser server wins the first election round and the election

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