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Appendix R Dead-Key Combinations on International Keyboard Layouts

This appendix consists of three tables: Common Dead-Key Combinations, Dead-Key Combinations on the Greek Keyboard, and Dead-Key Combinations on the Polish Programmer's Keyboard.

On many international keyboards, it is possible to produce accented characters by pressing two keys—one that produces a plain character followed by one that produces a combining accent. The following tables summarize these combinations, called "dead-key combinations," as they are produced by the keyboard layouts defined by Microsoft Windows. The first table, which should be read as a two-screen spread, i.e. first half on top and second half below, lists dead-key combinations that are common on many international keyboards. Not all combinations are valid on all keyboard drivers, however. The third and fourth tables, which identify dead-key combinations on the Greek keyboard and the Polish Programmer's keyboard, include combinations not found on other keyboards. They are formatted as one-screen tables.

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