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Preparing Data Source Files for Import and Data Migration

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

The data source files that are used for import and data migration can be formatted as comma-separated values (CSV) files or XML Spreadsheet 2003 files. The use of these files enables the transfer of data between database systems that use different formats.

In the CSV-formatted files, the fields are separated by the field delimiter characters that are defined in the importfile.fielddelimitercode property. If a field value contains a field delimiter character or a new line character, the field must be placed between the data delimiter characters that are defined in the importfile.datadelimitercode property.

Note    Do not use non-printable characters, such as newline (\n) or return (\r) characters, as delimiters for the field values.

Each source file must contain data of one entity type, such as accounts, leads, or competitors.

The first row in the source file should contain column headings. If you do not include the headings in the CSV-formatted file, use the importfile.isfirstrowheader property to specify that the first row represents actual data. In this case, default column headings are created with the names Col1, Col2, and so on.

You can easily create CSV-formatted files by using Microsoft Office Excel. For more information about how to create and prepare CSV source files for import and data migration, see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM online Help.

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