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GetEstimatedBidByKeywords Service Operation

Gets the estimated bid value of one or more keywords that could result in an ad appearing in the targeted position in the search results. In addition, the operation provides estimates of clicks, average cost per click (CPC), and impressions that the keywords could generate with the estimated bid.

System_CLiX_note Note

The estimates are not a guarantee of future performance.

<wsdl:operation name="GetEstimatedBidByKeywords">


A GetEstimatedBidByKeywordsRequest object that contains the request message that the client passes to the operation.


A GetEstimatedBidByKeywordsResponse object that contains the response message that the operation returns to the client.


If the service operation fails, it throws a FaultException exception, which contains one or more of the Bing Ads API error data objects. For information about the fault detail objects, see Ad Intelligence Error Data Objects and Handling Service Errors and Exceptions.

To determine the estimated bid for new keywords, the operation factors in how well the keyword performed among all advertisers in the specified publisher countries.

To increase the accuracy of the estimated bid, you should specify a campaign and ad group whose performance data is used to determine how well the keyword may perform in the ad group. Providing the context of the ad group where you might use the keyword provides higher accuracy than factoring in how well the keyword performed among all advertisers.

To calculate the minimum bid, there must be at least one day out of the last seven days where data is available for the specified keyword, match type, and country; otherwise, the operation will not return a bid value and the EstimatedBids element of the KeywordEstimatedBid object will be null.

If you specify more than one publisher country, the estimated bid will be the maximum of the minimum bids of the specified countries. Because this may skew the minimum bid for some countries in the list, you should consider specifying only one publisher country to ensure a more accurate estimate.

Alternatively, to get an estimated bid for how well an existing keyword could have performed, call the GetEstimatedBidByKeywordIds operation.


AdIntelligenceService.svc v8

Namespace: https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v8

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