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Called by the framework to show and hide the container application's control bars.

virtual BOOL OnShowControlBars( 
   CFrameWnd* pFrameWnd, 
   BOOL bShow  


Pointer to the container application's frame window. This can be either a main frame window or an MDI child window.


Specifies whether control bars are to be shown or hidden.

Nonzero if the function call causes a change in the control bars' state; 0 if the call causes no change, or if pFrameWnd does not point to the container's frame window.

This function returns 0 if the control bars are already in the state specified by bShow. This would occur, for example, if the control bars are hidden and bShow is FALSE.

The default implementation removes the toolbar from the top-level frame window.

Header: afxole.h

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