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CMFCWindowsManagerDialog Class

The CMFCWindowsManagerDialog object enables a user to manage MDI child windows in a MDI application.

class CMFCWindowsManagerDialog : public CDialog




Constructs a CMFCWindowsManagerDialog object.

The CMFCWindowsManagerDialog contains a list of MDI child windows that are currently open in the application. The user can manually control the state of the MDI child windows by using this dialog box.

CMFCWindowsManagerDialog is embedded inside the CMDIFrameWndEx Class. The CMFCWindowsManagerDialog is not a class that you should create manually. Instead, call the function CMDIFrameWndEx::ShowWindowsDialog, and it will create and display a CMFCWindowsManagerDialog object.

The following example demonstrates how to construct a CMFCWindowsManagerDialog object by calling CMDIFrameWndEx::ShowWindowsDialog. This code snippet is part of the Visual Studio Demo sample.

void CMainFrame::OnWindowManager()






Header: afxWindowsManagerDialog.h

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