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PricingErrorCode Class (Sdk Assembly)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

The PricingErrorCode class contains integer flags to set the invoice.pricingerrorcode and salesorder.pricingerrorcode attributes. Although the attributes may accept any value, these are the valid values.

This class does not need instantiation or initialization because the fields represent constant integer values. These values are intended to be used when setting entity attribute values.

The PricingErrorCode class exposes the following members.

DetailError 1Specifies that an error occurred while pricing a detail line item.
DiscountTypeInvalidState 27Specifies the discount type has an invalid state.
InactivePriceLevel 3Specifies an inactive price level.
InvalidCurrentCost 20Specifies an invalid current cost.
InvalidDiscount 28Specifies an invalid discount.
InvalidDiscountType 26Specifies an invalid discount type.
InvalidPrice 19Specifies an invalid price.
InvalidPriceLevelAmount 17Specifies an invalid price level amount.
InvalidPriceLevelPercentage 18Specifies an invalid price level percentage.
InvalidPricingCode 9Specifies an invalid pricing method code.
InvalidPricingPrecision 30Specifies an invalid pricing precision.
InvalidProduct 7Specifies an invalid product.
InvalidQuantity 29Specifies an invalid quantity.
InvalidRoundingAmount 24Specifies an invalid rounding amount.
InvalidRoundingOption 23Specifies an invalid rounding option.
InvalidRoundingPolicy 22Specifies an invalid rounding policy.
InvalidStandardCost 21Specifies an invalid standard cost.
MissingCurrentCost15Specifies a missing current cost.
MissingPrice 14Specifies a missing price.
MissingPriceLevel 2Specifies a missing price level.
MissingPriceLevelAmount 12Specifies a missing price level amount.
MissingPriceLevelPercentage 13Specifies a missing price level percentage.
MissingPricingCode 8Specifies a missing pricing method code.
MissingProduct 6Specifies a missing product.
MissingProductDefaultuom 31Specifies a missing product default unit of measure.
MissingProductUomschedule 32Specifies a missing product default unit of measure schedule.
MissingQuantity 4Specifies a missing quantity.
MissingStandardCost 16Specifies a missing standard cost.
MissingUnitPrice 5Specifies a missing unit price
MissingUom 10Specifies a missing unit of measure.
None 0Specifies no error.
PriceCalculationError 25Specifies that an error occurred during price calculation.
ProductNotInPriceLevel 11Specifies that the product is not in the price level.


This class can also be found in SDK\Helpers\CS\CrmHelpers\enums.cs. See CrmHelpers Classes.


Namespace: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk

Assembly: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.dll

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