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Campaign Entities

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

A campaign can be thought of as a container in which a business can keep planning tasks, campaign activities, campaign responses, sales literature, product information, and lists to plan and track the results of a marketing campaign throughout its life.

A campaign has a list of related products and sales literature. These associations are stored in the campaign item entity.

A campaign activity represents a step in a campaign with owner, partner, budget, timelines, and other information.

Each campaign activity can contain a set of marketing lists of existing or potential customers. The association of the list to the campaign activity is stored in a campaign activity item entity.

In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application, you can use an existing campaign as a template to create a new campaign. This feature is not available in the SDK.

Marketing automation supports campaign execution by creating activities (campaignactivity) and sending out bulk e-mails to qualified customers. Such campaigns result in responses from the customers. These responses are captured as the campaignresponse entity in the system.

The following illustration shows the entity relationships for this area. For more information, see Key to Entity Diagrams.

Campaign entity model

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