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Building Detection Logic

The following questions will help you determine a robust set of detection logic. They will help answer the questions on when a product is installed, uninstalled, or not present on a target computer. If your product installation uses MSIs and your updates use MSPs, use the methods PopulatePackageFromWindowsInstaller or PopulatePackageFromWindowsInstallerPatch to initialize the detection logic properly.

Build detection logic for updates

For each update answer the questions below. For MSP based updates, fill in only the sections starting at "Is this a rollup of several other updates?".

Question Example

Who should be offered this update?

Windows 2000 SP4 with file versions lower than any file version listed below

File version 2.06.0000 where the last 4 digits are less than .6543

Who should not be offered this update?

Windows 2000 SP4 or higher with file versions greater than or equal to those of the file versions listed below

Any operating system including Windows 2000, Windows 2000 RTM, or Windows 2000 SP1

File version not equal to 2.06.* or equal to 2.06.0000.6543

What registry keys must exist in order for this update to be offered?


What files or file versions must exist in order for this update to be offered?

Program Files\MyCompany\MyApp

What software must be pre-installed?

Internet Explorer 5.01 or later

The following operating systems: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows 2003, Windows 2003 x64

What registry keys must exist in order for this update to be offered?


Is any special hardware required?


Is this a rollup of several other updates?


Does this update supersede any other updates?

A past update for .2345 (QFE1)

Identify the update(s) that are being superseded.

.2345 (QFE1)

Are those update(s) also being removed? Will you expire these updates?


If the user has already installed any or all of the old updates, will they see the new update offered? Under what conditions?

Yes, if the version is less than the target version

Should the new update install over the old update?


Where can the old update be obtained, if not currently live on WU?

The Download Center

Will the update necessitate rebooting the computer?.

Ensure the update or installer doesn’t initiate a reboot

Is this item uninstallable?

The update brings the application up to the latest version

When should this package be reoffered, if at all?

After uninstallation

After uninstallation of Internet Explorer 6.0

After uninstallation of the operating system service pack

After upgrade to the next version of Internet Explorer

After an operating system upgrade

If this is a cumulative update, what is the status of updates installed individually prior to the installation of the cumulative patch? If this update is uninstalled, will those updates still remain, or will they be uninstalled as well?

User can no longer uninstall the application or the service pack

User can no longer uninstall the operating system or the operating system service pack

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