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Compiler Warning (Level 1) CS1957

Visual Studio 2008

Member 'name' overrides 'method'. There are multiple override candidates at run-time. It is implementation dependent which method will be called.

Method parameters that vary only by whether they are ref or out cannot be differentiated at run-time.

To avoid this warning

  • Give one of the methods a different name or different number of parameters.

The following code generates CS1957:

// cs1957.cs
class Base<T, S>
    public virtual string Test(out T x) // CS1957
        x = default(T);
        return "Base.Test";
    public virtual void Test(ref S x) { }

class Derived : Base<int, int>
    public override string Test(out int x)
        x = 0;
        return "Derived.Test";

    static int Main()
        int x;
        if (new Derived().Test(out x) == "Derived.Test")
            return 0;
        return 1;

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