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DssServiceDeclaration Enumeration

Microsoft Robotics
Microsoft Robotics Class Reference
Valid Dss Service Types Usage: [assembly: ServiceDeclaration(DssServiceDeclaration.ServiceBehavior)]

Namespace: Microsoft.Dss.Core.Attributes
Assembly: Microsoft.Dss.Base (in Microsoft.Dss.Base.dll) Version: (

public enum DssServiceDeclaration

Member nameValueDescription
NonDssService0 Not a Dss Service
ServiceBehavior1 Assembly contains service behavior declarations including the port types used to describe message patterns and types Replaces [ServiceBehaviorDeclaration]
DataContract2 Assembly contains data contract declarations. Replaces [ServiceDataDeclaration]
Proxy8 Assembly is a generated Dss Proxy
Transform16 Assembly is a generated Dss Transform
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