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Share work items

To share the details of a work item or a list of work items, you can email a link to the item or a list of items using either Team Web Access or Team Explorer. 

To email work items from a query list, your TFS administrator must have configured an SMTP server for TFS. To email work items or lists from Team Explorer, you must configure Office Outlook on your client computer.

You can also use any text editor to compose a message, and you can build a hyperlink to a work item and post the hyperlink on a Web page or send in an email message.

  1. Display a query results list. For information about how to build a query, see Query for work items.

  2. From Team Web Access, select an item or highlight several items and choose Email selected work items from the context menu.

    Email selected work items

    Or, from Team Explorer, choose Send Query to Microsoft Outlook.

    Email query results list
  3. On the To line, type the email address to whom you want to send the email.

    To send the work item to more than one recipient, use commas to separate the addresses.

    Send query by email (TWA)

    Note that from Team Web Access you can only send email to TFS valid user accounts because these are the only accounts that have permissions to open the linked work items contained within the query.

  1. Define a link that conforms to the following syntax:

    http:// ServerName:Port/tfs/CollectionName/TeamProjectName/_workitems#_a=edit&id=WorkItemNumber

    Example: http://fabrikamprime:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/Phone%20Saver/_workitems#_a=edit&id=123


    • ServerName specifies the name of the server that is running Team Foundation Server.

    • Port specifies the port that Team Foundation Server uses. The default value is 8080.

    • CollectionName specifies the name of the team project collection.

    • TeamProjectName specifies the name of the team project.

    • WorkItemNumber specifies the ID of the bug, task, or other work item to which you want to link.

  2. Paste the link into an e-mail message, or encode it on a Web page or a software application form.

    Important note Important

    To access work items by using this kind of link, team members must have read access to the work item database as specified in the "Required permissions" section previously in this topic.

Q: How do I get the hyperlink to a work item in Team Web Access?

A: Use the context menu to copy the shortcut from the open work item.

Copy shortcut link to a work item

Q: How do I get the hyperlink to a work item in Team Explorer?

A: Use the context menu to copy the shortcut from the open work item.The hyperlink opens the work item in Team Web Access.

Email a hyperlink for a work item

Q: Is there a way to delete work items?

A: Yes. You can permanently remove work items from the TFS database by using the witadmin destroywi command. Work items whose state is set to Closed, Done, or Removed remain in the database and can be reactivated. Permanently removed work items can’t be restored nor reactivated.

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